Shalik Ram Adhikari

Mr. Shalik Ram Adhikari, the General Manager of Sipla Securities has been a fundamental part of the company since its establishment. With over two decades of experience and knowledge in supply chain management, he has been providing the best investment advice and recommendations.  Holding a Bachelor’s in business degree, Mr. Shalik Ram Adhikari’s expertise lies in the trading sector. He is also well versed with the legalities of Nepalese share market. His knowledge on trading as well as policies of the market trends establishes him as a specialist in providing advisory, execution-based and discretionary guidance and solutions.


Shalikram Parajuli

Officer in charge, Mr. Shalikram Parajuli is our esteemed depository participant, sharing his knowledge and specialities to the company since five years. With a Master’s degree in Business Studies, Mr. Parajuli is an expert in providing services of Dematerialization-conversion of physical certificates to electronic form; Rematerialization- retrieval of physical certificates from the electronic securities, transfer of securities; change of beneficial ownership as well as settlement of trades done on exchange connected to the Depository to the clients. His guidance to the client on the ways to invest in stocks through scrutiny of the market principles and trends establishes him as a professional.  


Sujata Kunwar

Ms. Sujata Kunwar, our valued Compliance Officer and Account Assistant has been an integral member of Sipla Securities since four years. Ms. Kunwar is an enthusiastic individual who determines the management, direction and governing challenges of the firm seeing that the company’s structure and objective are in full compliance with all national laws and regulations. She is known for taking the lead in setting professional standards; accepted business practices; and internal standards while maintaining relationship between the stakeholders. With a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Ms. Sujata Kunwar also looks after the accounts and works with clients in improving their experience in matters of accounting and compliance. 


Pawan Agrawal

Mr. Pawan Agrawal, the Managing Director of Sipla Securities is one of the pioneer to be involved in the share market industry. His direct contribution in making the right business decision has led to the achievement of goals and objectives of the firm. With a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Mr. Agrawal’s understanding of the factors of growth, profitability, cash flow and firm’s financial statements and key performances has brought him upfront as a financial acumen. His in-depth strategic perspective of the business, critical interdependencies, short and long-term trade-offs of decision as well as the ability to analyze and synthesize market and competitive data keeping customer’s objective for the right investment solution brings him forward as a top business acumen.


Aashish Agrawal

Mr. Aashish Agrawal, a recent addition to Sipla Securities as a Business development Manager has an experience with CPA Australia as a finance, accounting and business professional. Having worked with multi-nationals for over six years in various positions, Mr. Aashish’s in-depth knowledge about business theories, hands-on experience of thriving in customer trend and competition in the market has tested his expertise in helping businesses to grow.  He is known for his effort in carrying out the necessary market analysis needed to identify the company´s current position and find ways to help the business reach its full potential. Responsible for taking the firm to the next level, Mr. Aashish focuses his effort striving to what the company should do now in order to bring about a more profitable, successful future.