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Welcome to Sipla Securities, licensed broker number 20, your one-stop destination for secure and reliable investment solutions.

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  • Secure

    We at Sipla Securities realize that financial security is of utmost importance; we prioritize the security of your investment above all else. Providing a trustworthy and reliable platform for stock broking in Nepal is our goal.

  • Invest

    We provide access to a wide range of investment opportunities for our clients, including pre IPO shares and portfolio management services,ensuring a profitable trade portfolio. Also, with us, you’ll find the right opportunities to grow your portfolio.

  • Plan

    Planning your finances is of absolute importance to ensure success in trading. We provide consultations for you to help recognize NEPSE. Our comprehensive planning tools and well trained employees are at your disposal to help create a personalized investment strategy tailored to your financial goals.

  • Learn

    Wisdom is a key in the stock market; a smart investment is the only right investment. We at Sipla Securities provide you with state of the art resources and knowledge about risks in the stock market through our wonderful team of experts, ensuring that you’re well informed to make an informed decision. We help you cater to yourself with the latest updates and news about the Nepal stock market..

  • Act

    We ensure that we’re there to provide you with the best services throughout your trading process and to also ACT on your word!! Our trading platforms are at your disposable, take your steps now!!

With Sipla Securities, you can count on expertise, support, accessibility, and security all in one place.

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