Pioneering Investment Transformation, Empowering Individuals And Enterprises

Backed by 25 Years of Expertise as a Licensed Broker
(License No. 20)

From its humble beginnings, Sipla Securities Pvt. Ltd. has thrived for 25 remarkable years in the business world. With licenses and regulation from SEBON, NEPSE, and CDS, we've maintained a steadfast commitment to excellence. Guided by a dedicated team of seasoned professionals, we've grown to serve over 10,000 valued clients.

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Our vision is to elevate industry standards by embracing innovation and the latest in technology. At Sipla Securities Pvt. Ltd., trust and reliability are at the core of everything we do. We're poised to become the industry leader, forging new paths and setting the gold standard for successful investment solutions for our cherished customers.


Striving to be Nepal's top stock brokerage firm, we're guided by these core values, putting our stakeholders at the heart of everything we do:

  • Employee Happiness:

    We want our workplace to be a place where our team members genuinely want to be. When our employees are happy, they create a better experience for our customers.

  • Expertise Empowerment:

    We equip our team with the skills they need to provide you with the best advice, helping you make informed trading decisions confidently.

  • Harmony and Respect:

    We're all in this together – employees, customers, partners, and investors. We foster respect, teamwork, and mutual understanding among all stakeholders.

  • Continuous Growth:

    We never stop learning and always strive for excellence. Our commitment to improvement ensures you get the best service possible.


We aim to be Nepal's most convenient and trusted stock brokerage firm, setting the industry standard for reliability and security.

  • Sipla Securities aims to revolutionize investment with technology, personal service, and expertise.

  • We foster a work environment centered on learning, teamwork, and unwavering integrity.

  • Our mission is to drive long-term economic progress and financial prosperity for all.

  • We believe in continuous innovation and growth potential for our clients.

  • Sipla Securities strives to be a model in the investment industry, offering solutions and building trust.

  • We are committed to delivering unparalleled service, transparency, and integrity.

  • Our goal is to solidify our position as the leading stock brokerage partner for generations to come, inspiring confidence in financial journeys.


We're on a mission to stand out in the investment world by delivering two key elements: successful investment solutions and exceptional customer service.Our ultimate goal is to help our clients achieve extraordinary returns, setting new standards of excellence in our industry.

  • Empowering Investors:

    At Sipla Securities, we're dedicated to empowering both individual investors and institutions.

  • Exceptional Trading Experiences:

    Our focus is on creating outstanding trading experiences rooted in integrity, transparency, and innovation.We blend advanced technology with expert human guidance to offer seamless trading solutions, suitable for investors of all levels of experience.

  • Client Protection:

    We take the protection of our clients' investments seriously.Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance, and security ensures that your investments are safe and sound.

  • Shaping the Future of Stock Trading:

    Our overarching goal is to be a driving force in the future of stock trading. We achieve this by staying ahead of market developments and fostering a culture of trust and shared passion. Your financial milestones are not just goals; they become our achievements too.